What We Offer

IT Solutions for Your Every Need

We provide perfect IT for SMB

We know that even a small business needs big reliable IT. We specialize in just that. Our clients range from just a few people to 200. Our goal is to provide boutique top-notch personal solutions for all of the client's needs and to minimize our client's concerns regarding technology. Your IT is our concern. Fixme's working strategy secures a long-term personal connection based on mutual trust while aspiring for maximal success. We make sure our clients can save on IT and telecom budget while keeping ahead with technology.

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Integration is the name of the game

One of the most important services we provide our customers with is integration. We will manage, operate and negotiate all IT and telecom services for our clients, including hiring the right professionals, supervising them, negotiating with service providers and planning all your IT needs in your office.

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Plan & Go!

The work process begins with the identification of the client's needs, finding effective solutions within a set budget while keeping the future development of the company in mind. Fixme's team brings together vast and diverse experience in the integration of complex computer systems including: servers, cloud-based systems, workstations, communication networks, data security, back-up systems, smartphones, portable computers, meeting rooms, classrooms, remote access to data systems (site to site), security systems (including security cameras) and more.

These are some of the products / services / manufacturers that we work with:


Fruitful Collaboration

Fixme has established fruitful collaborations with many of the communication providers in the country, enabling swift response to any technological problem that our clients might encounter. These corporations result in dedicated, timely and financially worthwhile service. These companies include Bezeq International, Partner, Hot, Cellcom, Dell Israel, Microsoft, Bezeq, HP Israel, Comsecure (ESET) and many more of Israel's leading service providers in the area of computing & telecom.